Darkroom & Digital Imaging
Since 1989 Darkroom Productions has been making master prints for publications, campaigns, exhibitions and limited edition fine art. During this time we have served many of the industries most legendary photographers. Darkroom Productions has moved with the times offering digital services that include scanning, digital outputting, retouching, and post production file correction / color manipulation. When shooting digitally in Miami, have your files corrected by the master printers with over 30 years of experience at Darkroom Productions.

Darkroom still does fine quality C-41, B&W processing and B&W printing. Having Agfa Classic, Cachet Silver Metallic which are no longer made. We are committed to to delivering the highest quality fiberbased B&W prints upto 30x40 inches.

As a highly personalized boutique lab, Darkroom recommends that clients book our services as much in advance as possible. For more info or price quotes call 305.532.2185. When in Miami or via Fedex, Darkroom Productions is an excellent solution when quality matters.
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photo by Bryan Bogater
photo by Carolyn Roddy
photo by Randy Rosenthal
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